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Latin name: Psidium Guajava
Flowering: May- June
Dimensions: Maximum height 10- 12m.
Guava is an evergreen, tropical shrub or small-sized tree belonging to the family of myrthoids. It has leathery, dark green leaves with white flowers that have five petals and numerous stamens. The fruits of Guava are ripening in autumn and are divided into white ones (from white they become yellow) and reddish ones (pink to red) when matured. They are round- shaped like the pear and we consider them as superfood. It thrives in wet and dry climates, without special soil requirements. It does not withstand low temperatures.

Plant Height Flowerpot Liters (lt) Τιμή Τιμή Έκπτωσης
100/125 3 €14.00

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