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Latin name: Billbergia nutans
Flowering: March- April
Dimensions: Maximum height 0.5- 1m./ Maximum diameter 0.5- 0.6m.
Low- growing shrub (bromeliad) quite resistant to conditions and periods of neglect and drought. It has a small root system, just to be able to stand upright, as it takes the moisture and nutrients it needs from the air. It is a plant suitable for balconies. A bromeliad plant as this one is easy to multiply and it is formed directly. In spring it has very beautiful and special flowers as some stalks have pink bracts and hanging flowers that look like earrings and have yellow- green petals. They prefer shady places and well- drained soils.

Hauteur de la plante Litres du pot Τιμή Τιμή Έκπτωσης
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