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Plastic, illuminated, square flower pot of Italy. It has a simple and modern design, perfect finish and withstands difficult weather conditions. It resists time and is ideal for decorating any interior or exterior space. Constructed with the rotation method, it has a theoretical life span of 999 years. Its lamp is a power- saving light bulb. The lamp has a lifetime of 15,000 hours of operation.
(The prices are for the flower pot with the power-saving light bulb. Also available with LED light or rechargeable LED, at extra charge. Ask us for these prices.)

Dimensions Height Liters Internal Diameter Depth of planting Τιμή Τιμή Έκπτωσης
45x45 49,5 25 39x39 25 €258.55
38.5x38.5 70 16 32,5x32,5 30 €272.15
42x42 90 25 35,5x35,5 27 €319.80
55x55 100 67 46x46 40,5 €401.45

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