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Features and description of the V1 system

V1 is a vertical gardening system composed of connected units, allowing construction of a green wall at any size.

Advantages of the system for the growth and development of plants

The plant is not planted inside the units but is placed in a 12 cm diameter perforated pot which allows the air and oxygen to reach the roots from all directions.

Each plant has a reserve water container with a capacity of 0.6 liters of water with indirect contact to the substrate, which gives the substrate permanent moisture. The holes in the pot allow the roots to grow into the reserve water container so that the plant can get water from the container according to its needs.

Plants and roots are completely separated from one to each other. The plant can be inserted or removed from the system easily and quickly for treatment or replacement.


The system is designed for indoor and outdoor installation.

The system can be installed directly to any type of wall by direct screwing or hanging on metal strips.   *Stainless screws must be used for the installation.

The system allows many screw mounts on the wall that give high durability at all weather conditions and strong winds.

The back of the system is sealed, and there is no need for preparations such as covering or sealing the wall.

Watering and drainage

The system can be irrigated from a single source of water and drainage from one point. Water must be brought to the upper part of the system, from where water flows from one plant area to another, some of the water fills the reserve water container, and some irrigate the plant. When the reserve water container is full, the water goes down to the plant area below.

The system is designed so that there is no possibility of water clogging or flooding.

Water pipes can be transferred inside the units without visibility.

The system can be installed with or without pre-preparation of water and drainage.

Peripheral equipment

The system has various components such as water tanks, pipes and connectors, water valves, water timers, pumps, timers, and more. All to provide a perfect solution to all desired forms of installation or irrigation.

Technical specifications

There are different sizes of units that contain 1-4 potted plants.

The size of the pot and the reserve water container are the same at all units sizes.

The most common unit is the four-pot unit.

Four-pot unit:

Size LxWxH: 56.7x21x22.5
Size within the system: 56.7x21x17.8
Weight: 0.969 kg
3.369 kg Total weight with full water containers
33.69 kg per 1 sq.m


Material: virgin Polypropylene  (PP)

Clean and non-recycled With UV protection

Polypropylene is a strong thermoplastic polymer and has high mechanical resistance to

thumping and freezing used for a variety of applications.

Polypropylene is resistant to solvents, acids, and bases.

Water resistance at: 40°C, 16 kg/cm2 pressure- over 20 years.

The material is environmentally friendly and does not release toxic substances.


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