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“Perloflor” perlite is mined in Milos and is an inorganic aluminosilicate mineral with 3- 4% crystalline water and volcanic origin. It is mechanically prepared, without chemical impurities, heated to 1000oC at which temperature it swells. Perloflor perlite has grains of 1- 5 mm in diameter and is produced exclusively for agricultural use. It is very lightweight (80- 110 Kgr/ m3) and can hold 3- 4 times its weight in water (250- 300 Lt water/ m3). Its air content when holding the maximum amount of water is 56%. It is completely free of diseases and weed seeds and is also a stabilizer of temperature. It is chemically inert and has a neutral pH (6,5- 7,5). It does not rot or melt and thus has an unlimited life.

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