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Latin name: Paulownia tomentosa
Flowering: May
Dimensions: Maximum height 10- 25m./ Maximum diameter 8- 12m.
Deciduous, fast growing tree with spherical earl and large heart- shaped, light green leaves that can reach up to 60cm in width and grow in opposite pairs on the stalks. It flowers impressively, early in spring, before the unfolding of the leaves and forms panicle inflorescences with purple, tubular flowers and then bears fruits with a dry capsule in egg shape. Its wood is used for lumber as it has great commercial value. It is resistant to the pollution and doesn’t have any special soil requirements.

Hauteur de la plante Périmètre du tronc Litres du pot Τιμή Τιμή Έκπτωσης
30/40 2/4 3 €7.50
200/250 7/10 10 €42.00


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