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Plastic, Italian pot in simple design. It can be combined, if desired, with its saucer (SOTTOVASO SERRALUNGA). The price does not include the saucer.
(Please select the size you are interested in, and in the order comments let us know about the color you want.)
To see the color chart, click here.

Διάσταση Ύψος Λίτρα Εσωτ. Διάμετρος Βάθος φύτευσης (cm) Χρώμα Πιάτο le prix Prix ​​de vente
47 25 38 38 20 n'importe quelle 41.0 €129.35
48 40 40 40 36 n'importe quelle 41.0 €164.75

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