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Latin name: Carya illinoinensis
Flowering: September- November
Dimensions: 30- 35m.
Pecan Walnut is a perennial, deciduous tree of great growth that can reach 30- 35 meters height. It comes from America. It has strong roots, which enable it to exploit deep and rich soil layers. Its trunk resembles the wel- known Walnut, while its flowers are both males and females in the same tree, in different places. Its leaves are complex, green and their stems have bristles. Its fruit is purplish green and ripens in autumn. It prefers paratropic and temperate regions with prolonged summer, which benefit the fruit ripening. It thrives from -18oC in winter to 45 oC in summer. We must pay great attention to spring frosts as the young vegetation is destroyed. It loves the light and medium composition soils, rich in nutrients and well drained, with an ideal pH 6- 7. Alkaline soils with many salts and calcium should be avoided.

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