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Terms and Conditions

How to order

  1. By following the simple steps of our e-shop platform. Simply choose the characteristics and quantities and select “Add to cart”.
  2. By e-mail to or to
  3. By fax at +302102465205
  4. By phone at +302102460660 and +302102464980 (8:00-16:30 from Monday through Friday and Saturday 8:00-15:00)

Product prices

All prices include legal categorized tax. VAT 13% for plants and 24% for flowerpots, soil mixtures and accessories.

Plants may be marketable goods but their price greatly depends on their size, height and quality. It is important to note that plant height usually varies depending on the season of the year. (ex. A shrub in the month of September measures 40cm but the same shrub may approach 80cm in the month of May.)

Average time of shipping and delivery

Shipping usually takes from 1 to 7 days for products readily available and from 15-25 days for products that have to be imported.


Due to the fragility of our products (plants, pots etc.), our company’s policy is not accept any returns.

Availability & shipment

If something you want appears as “unavailable” and you cannot add it to your cart, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or e-mail because availability constantly changes according to seasonal production.

Furthermore, if by any chance, your prepaid order cannot be shipped at an acceptable time-frame, and if after communications between us, there isn’t an equally satisfying product of the same price, available for you, we will proceed to fully refund you.