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A big part of our company’s activities involves trading and distributing selected high-quality flowerpots which we import from established international brands throughout Europe and Asia. To mention a few: Serraluga, Euro3plast, Terraplast, Lechusa, Euganea vasi, Si design etc.

Product selection is made after strict consideration of quality, aesthetics, timelessness and the “appropriateness” of their formation to help our plants thrive.

We provide a wide range of flowerpots, made of many different materials and in many different styles such as ceramic, plastic, fiberstone, illuminated, self-watered etc.



Everything becomes very simple for us when dealing with plants since we have a long-standing involvement with these ‘subjects’. Our cultivating experience, knowledge of nurturing, adeptness in selecting the best, long standing collaboration with the best Greek and European producers and finally our passion for excellent and wholesome plants are all the factors that have made our business consistent since 1947.

Every imaginable plant, of all kinds, varieties and sizes along with fruit trees, ornamental plants and many more, are here in HOROMIDIS AGRONOMIC CORP. for you to order, at the best prices and more importantly of the best quality.


Our company handles a wide range of soil mixtures, both Greek and imported.

The sacks of soils coming from Greece are packaged according to the European Law ENI2580 which assures the consumer that he has bought the volume of the product in its final form and not during the packaging, which simply means that you buy the exact quantity that is written on the package. Also, the materials used are of the best quality ensuring the proper growth of your plant.

Imported soils are ‘tried and tested’ in the Greek market and are available in many specialized mixtures, for example suited for cacti, orchids etc.


Our company imports and trades lots of best quality materials that can satisfy the needs of every professional or amateur gardener.


After a close and long collaboration with Charles Hanikian ( -who is pioneer in the study and design of a garden- we materialized his project for vertical planting on walls with great success.

It is an innovation of Mr. Hanikian, who first started the transformation of a common wall into a garden. You can cover a vertical surface, and transform it into a garden with plants and flowers.

With this method, you can have a green and blossomed wall inside or outside of your house.