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Latin Name: vitex purpurea
Flowering: June- October
Dimensions: Maximum height: 3- 4m./ Maximum diameter 2- 3m.
It is a shrub or small tree of rapid growth, evergreen or semi- evergreen, depending on the region. It has large leaves that are gray- green on the upper surface and reddish purple velvet on the bottom. Its flowers are lilac, they resemble the lavender and its flowering is long lasting. It produces round, berry- like fruits, which are yellow in the beginning and then black. It is suitable for fences or single plantings. It is extremely resistant to cold and coastal areas as it withstands the salinity. It withstands drought and has no particular soil requirements. It prefers sunny planting spots.

Plant Height Flowerpot Liters (lt) Τιμή Τιμή Έκπτωσης
60/80 3 €5.20


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