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Clay, cylindrical flower pot in gray colour. It is made of high quality materials that give great weather resistance. Simple design that fits any place. Due to the special treatment it has undergone, it is not affected by the water salts and its color remains constant. It is not dyed gray but the clay from which it is produced is gray. It can also be used on tables, stands, or on your garden or terrace. VASO PATAVIUM GREIGE can also be combined with the SOTTOVASO GREIGE saucer. The price does not include the saucer.

Diameter Flowerpot Height Saucer Τιμή Τιμή Έκπτωσης
16 13.5 15 €1.82
20 17.0 17 €2.92
25 20.0 21 €4.73
30 25.0 25 €8.51


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