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Latin name: Salix sepulcralis
Dimensions: Max. height 12m./ Maximum earl diameter 8m.
It is the most famous tree with pendent- branched appearance and oblong, descending stems that reach the ground. It is the well- known to us Willow. It is a deciduous, rapid growth tree and has ornamental value in any season. In winter, it has impressive, golden, nude shoots and in spring it is adorned with buds and numerous, small and narrow leaves, painted gray- green with silver shades. It is a resistant species; it can be pruned and it prefers moist soils.

Trunk Perimeter Flowerpot Liters (lt) Τιμή Τιμή Έκπτωσης
8/10 10 €32.00
12/14 35 €45.00


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