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The company was founded by Alexander Horomidis, qualified agriculturist AUA, who started the HOROMIDIS NURSERIES in 1947, focusing in the production of ornamental trees and shrubs. At the same time undertook the construction, of the most special and innovative plant works of his time.

During the ‘60s and ‘70s, while all football stadiums in Greece were made by soil, they were converted by Mr. Alexander Horomidis on golf turf. Simultaneously, many landscaping projects and configurations of large parks and gardens were made by our founder, such as planting island Scorpios, Spetsopoula, the American Embassy, Acropolis’ hill, etc.

Today, the company HOROMIDIS AGRONOMIC CORP. continues its activity, more extensive in the area of green and plants. Having now at the helm, his sons, Efclides Horomidis qualified agriculturists AUA and Spyros Horomidis, who always manage consistently the legacy of Alexander Horomidis.

Along with the plants, our company has many products related to agriculture and gardening, addressed to professional and amateur gardeners.


The company HOROMIDIS AGRONOMIC CORP. with more than 65 years experience, can meet the needs of the individual consumer and professional manufacturer of green projects, whatever the need will be.

The company with its innovative partnerships supplies Greece with ornamental plants, trees, humus, special soil mixtures and supplies. Furthermore, it represents well known companies from Europe and Asia in pots with great style and a large variety of designs and materials.

Alongside participates through its partners in major projects (for example parks, sports facilities, hotels, commercial spaces, houses etc.).

Our aim is to offer products and services on outdoor plants and to cover all modern needs and requirements.


Based on many years of experience and skilled, well-trained staff, the company HOROMIDIS AGRONOMIC CORP. supplies many different and demanding projects.

In our proprietary facilities, there is a permanent exhibition of plants and trees, with modern machinery and equipment, organized storage space, thus enabling the company to propose solutions, always combining excellent quality with the best price.

Visit us and you will find out that we are not just marketers- exhibitors though passionate farmers for excellent and healthy plants, always using the most modern methods.

In our warehouse you can find a wide variety of stock in pots, from any material you want, at the most competitive rates.


Our continuous long- term policy is based on our best efforts for growth and development and meaningful relationships with our customers.

For this reason, the company works with the best agricultures, architects, landscape architects, exterior design corporations and nurseries all over Greece and Europe. Our goal is to provide the best plant materials or equipment, in conjunction with the appropriate service and technical support.

Setting up new business goals and making significant investments, we ensure competitiveness and we expand the company with innovative ideas.

Looking into the future, the company HOROMIDIS AGRONOMIC CORP. is committed to design, produce and deliver high quality products and services, build trust and mutual confidence and provide added value to its customers.


We are always at your disposal, willing to serve you!





Our company, consistent with environmental sensitivity, uses only recycled paper in all corporate consumables, even in documents. Paper A4, bags, boxes etc. are all recycled paper, 100% recyclable!

Enjoy your explore!


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